Using Postman to test IdentityServer4 OAuth Authentication Code Flow

I’m trying to use Postman to test the Authentication Code Flow within IdentityServer4 - but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. I’m not sure if this is IS4 or a Postman issue.

Using the demo instance ( and the SPA client below

new Client
    ClientId = "spa",
    ClientName = "SPA (Code + PKCE)",

    RequireClientSecret = false,
    RequireConsent = false,

    RedirectUris = { "https://notused" },
    PostLogoutRedirectUris = { "https://notused" },

    AllowedGrantTypes = GrantTypes.Code,
    AllowedScopes = { "openid", "profile", "email", "api" },

    AllowOfflineAccess = true,
    RefreshTokenUsage = TokenUsage.ReUse

I request the then login with either bob/bob or alice/alice and when I click the Login button it just redirects back to the login screen.

I was expecting the access token to be retrieved.


My organization uses an IdentityServer4 application for authentication and we had successfully used Postman for months. As of yesterday we’ve been experiencing the same behavior.

I think it’s because some specific cookies aren’t being set in Postman for some reason. I’m pretty sure the call to HttpContext.SignInAsync() in the POST AccountController.Login() method sets the cookies which verify the user is authenticated. At that point the user should be redirect to the Consent page, which is a page that require authentication. Since the cookies that verify authentication aren’t set, the Consent page redirects the user back to the Login page, which is why it seems like the page is simply reloaded.

When I’ve attempted to access the IdentityServer4 Content page manually in Chrome, I’m redirect to Login, and after successfully Logged in, redirected back to Consent. Checking Chrome dev tools, I’ve verified that the cookies (idsrv, idsrv.session) are set.

This leads me to believe the issue is with Postman specifically.



I have been getting this same issue. We use IdentityServer4 and until this week the authentication flow is not redirecting back to postman client after logging in.

Same problem here. I am sure this worked a few weeks ago, but when I tried to use it this week, I was returned to the login screen after logging in successfully. With a colleague, it works fine. I have used the instructions from

This looks to be caused by by setting the SameSite attribute on the authorisation cookie to None. As Postman is using Chrome 66 this will reject any cookies that have this set to None.

If you don’t set the SameSite attribute for Postman requests (i.e. via User Agent detection) then it should work.

This link gives more details on incompatible clients:

Can we have some guidance from Postman team? It is 3 months now and it seems they don’t care. This issue is imporant.

Is anyone find a solution ?

Also experiencing the same issue. Waiting for solution.