POST & Siteminder

I’m calling a REST Service via a POST that is protected by CA Siteminder. For this to work I add a SMSession value to the cookie and make the POST call. The problem is the page I’m getting back is a page that should auto redirect, but it’s not. The page looks like this:

This page is used to hold your data while you are being authorized for your request.

You will be forwarded to continue the authorization process.

How do I get Postman to allow that auto submit and give me back the actual results? I’ve verified that the “Automatically follow redirects” is ON in Settings => General (I’ve tried it off too).


Hello Steve

Did you ever manage to make your REST call work behing SSO Siteminder ?
I am in the same situation and a bit scratching my head…
I’m trying to POST on the LoginForm (to get the SMSession Cookie) but I’m not even getting that…

If you have some sugestions…

thank you