Using data variables in URL path fails in Newman but works in Postman

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My question: I have used the data variable in the URL path. It works in Postman but however it doesn’t work in Newman. It gives a Bad Request Error.{{Transaction_Id_Status_Finish_Ok}}?full=true&finishStatus=finishedError

It cannot replace the place holder with the value from test_data.csv {{Transaction_Id_Status_Finish_Ok}}

Please help step by step on how to use data variable in request path (not as a request param)

But in postman: It complains the same "Like variable cannot be resolved, but when I run it as a collection in postman, it all works fine

Command to run Newman:

docker run --volume ~:/etc/newman -t postman/newman_alpine33 run test_transaction.json -e transaction_environment.json -d test_data.csv



Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried: