How to reference to variable from file in newman?

i test the newman feature and love it. but I have one question I can’t figure out:

Here’s an example of the CSV file for the above set of variables:

url, user_id, id, token_id, 1, 1, 123123123, 2, 2, 899899

how to I reference to these columns?

I know how to reference to environment variable by using {{}}

Thank you!

You would just do the same thing for those columns headings, in the Collection.

For example:

If you use them in the URL, Params or Headers, it’s {{url}} or {{user_id}}.

If you use them in the scripts, it’s pm.iterationData.get('url')

Thank you for your reply. still not working:

The data.csv file has two lines, and when I ran following command line, it iterate twice, which is good

newman run postman_collection.json --folder Inventory -e postman_environment.json --reporters cli,json --reporter-json-export outputfile.json -d data.csv

csv file contains 2 lines (don’t count the header):

in the web service request I tried both {{ID}}, and pm.iterationData.get(‘ID’), both give me a 500 error.

if I hardcode 111 in the web service request, server return result as expected.

What does that like look in the UI? Showing an image of where you put those variables is a lot easier that trying to describe it :grin:

Does this work with the Collection Runner, if it does, then it will work with Newman.

Please see the picture :slight_smile: Thank you!

This is talking about a single request and using an environment variable.

Can you Run this collection, in the Runner and use the same CSV data file to resolve the ID value?