Use Postman to put dynamic data into a data feed through the API

Hi - i’m really a beginner :slight_smile:

we are trying to work on a new project to realize Graphics TV using the API of from a 3rd Party API (GPS tracking data) to put as an overlay for example in real time the speed of the athlete.

I discussed with the support of singular to work with their data stream, and they advise me to use the postman service to send data into their API, “using fetch method & node.js”.
It’s like Chinese for me :smiley:

I have these raw data:

And I want to put the datas to this url :

If I send static data, for example:
It works and Singular receive my “matchClock”. But i don’t understand how I can set the “fetch method” into postman to send them all my dynamic data from this feed:

Is there here a nice people who can help me to configure correctly the postman service, please?
The doc of the API of singular is here: