Question About Displaying Data on a Webpage

I am new to Postman, but I am very comfortable submitting API calls and I am just needing guidance on how I can take data that is in an array and populating it into a webpage. I have been able to get valuable information about using Postman by viewing the YouTube videos, and was wondering if there are videos available that would be able to walk me through creating the feed from a collection/environment and having it regularly update through scheduled calls.

Let me know if you have any questions about this or need any additional information from me.

Terrence S. Green

Hi there @grenlaw -

One way to do this is by using a Postman mock server.

Your web app can make a call to a mock server to serve static content. Then, you can either manually update the mock in the Postman app (to update the web content). Or you can schedule a monitor to retrieve the source data, and pass that data along to another request that updates your mock using the Postman API to update your collection.

If you prefer videos, the Postman YouTube channel should have videos about mocks and monitors, although not this specific use case. We’re working on publishing a tutorial soon about this, and I’ll make a note to post it here.

I would be interested to hear if someone comes up with another approach. Good luck! :raised_hands:

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