Use POSTMAN as a search engine

Hello Everyone, I just started POSTMAN and just try to find the way to search some data in my database.

It’s easy to find if an ID exists with the param page, I just put it in the URL, but can I do this with a list of ID? In the param page? I tried with the test page with code, but my code checks only the body. I could loop throughout the pages, but it’s a very large database, it would take multiple days to execute. Can I just do a quick search of multiple ID in in the param page ?

Hey @thomasus

This depends on what the API you’re using offers, not really on Postman.
I’d recommend checking their documentation, or asking on their forums is something like this is possible.

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Okay, I will try to contact them.

But that really just depend of the API ? like for exemple if I search like this :

url :


if I put something like this in the URL : domain/api/dmo/databases/:databaseid

It unlock “path variables” in bellow of query param.

(the query param is not working for my search, it just send me the entire database no matter what value i put in, it’s because I search a primary key i think.)

if I put my ID in the patch variable session (it’s a primary key) in the value field, I find the correct entry in the body response. I just try to do this with a list of ID.

This will depend on whether your API can accept a list of ID’s.

Rather than guessing what parameters it will accept, you will need to refer to the API documentation.

Hence @arlemi saying it depends on the API.

Usually with databases, there should be a query end point which allows you to craft a SQL query of sorts which will allow you to bring back what ever you want.

Not all databases or API’s have this functionality, but the better ones do. But again, its down to the API implementation.

Ok, I see. Thank you very much :slight_smile: