Simple GET request looking for blank values

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I’m pretty new to Postman and all searches done on the internet doesn’t seem to cover this issue.
I have this MySQL request:
SELECT * FROM samples WHERE gender IS NULL OR gender = “”
which I want to use in Postman as well.
I have tried several variations of
GET https:xxx/samples/?gender=
But keep getting all entries in the Samples table.
Is it not possible to do such searches using Params or Body?
Should I instead use the Pre-request script?
BR Ketty

@KettyBartholinPeders Welcome to the community :partying_face:

You should be seeing those details in your documentation. The types of filters will be set in that.

Just by eyeballing I find that in your URL, it should be as below:

GET https:xxx/samples?gender=

Try if this is working, else kindly check the documentation. Different API handle the querying in different ways. Some use Query params, some will use filter.

Thank you :grinning:
https://xxx/samples/?date_created=2021-08-04 gives me three records, where one record has “gender”: “Female”, and the two other records have “gender”: “”,

If I then try https://xxx/samples/?date_created=2021-08-04&gender=Female
I only get the one record with “gender”: “Female”, but how do I get the ones with “gender”: “”,?