API Request needs ID, but I just want all available values

Hi everyone,

Little bit new to Postman, but making progress. There is one thing at the moment I can’t get working.

It’s a simple case: I want to request a list of all clients. But the endpoint needs an ID as parameter to give me the details of a specific client. So the API documentation says I need to use:


This gives me the result of one client. But I want all that are available. For some environments that might be 50 , for others maybe 10.000. Therefore I want to make this dynamic so it’s just giving all results. Is there a way to do this?

Another option is to use another endpoint, which allows me to get multiple clients over, but as I see it now I need to manually put in all ID’s and for every environment that can be different. See:

Any ideas on how to work with this kind of requests?

Thanks in advance for any help! Regards, Mike

That method says “method for requesting multiple client objects using their ids”.

You need to have the ID’s for this method to work.

It appears to use parameters in the URL, so this isn’t scalable to thousands of ID’s.

I would expect to be able to send a JSON body or similar instead of parameters.

I would recommend reviewing the API specification in more detail to see if it supports wildcards, or searches without the ID’s. Or just ask the supplier of the API if its possible.

That will be down to the API whether it supports this operation or not.