Use different params for different Request

I have a collections with about 50 requests . I am looking for a way to add params(JSON_ for the requests during runtime , imported from data files . Each request has its own param key and value .
Is there a way to run a collection with passing different param to different requests . Please note , I’m a beginner for postman

The above link is exactly what you are looking for I believe. Using data files is exactly what you want to do in this case. The documentation on that page takes you through a sample collection being run 4 times with different parameter values each time.

Let us know if doesn’t help enough.

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Thanks for your reply !!

But my problem is not only running a request with different params , But also I need to run different request with different params .If I run a collection with a JSON or CSV file , Every request run for the cases in that file (right ?) . But I need my first request to run for certain set of key values and the next request should run for different key values . Is it possible with postman . By reading the above quoted link I came to know that “I can only use one data file for one run” . Is there any way to make the request skip the key values that does not meant for them .

Let me be clear ,
I have requests a and b .
I have key value set 1 for a and 2 for b
Since I can pass only one data file I am going to list both 1 and 2 in that data file
I need request b to skip 1 and request a to skip 2
Is there any possible way to do that

Thanks In Advance !!

@Aravind_Shankar I recently came across a similar question around this on SO -

I wrote an answer there, you can use that answer as a step towards solving your problem.
You can dynamically generate request body / params using a variable and the pre-request script.