Response variable not being returned

Hello I am still fairly new to Postman and was trying to get some assistance. I am trying to run a PUT request and a value in the response is not being returned when I expect it to. What I have done in the past is something like below. In the below example I am setting “Non-ACATTransfer_Type” to “DRS” and it works. However, I have another value I am trying to set but when I run it, it does not return in the response and does not update on the webpage.

    "SRId": {{SRID}},
    "SRDefinitionName": "Account Transfer",
    "SRGuid": "1b5f2f0c-aef6-4799-af74-797f8513b7ee",
    "ParentId": 771169,
    "CaseId": null,
    "Status": "Not Submitted",
    "CurrentWorkflowTask": "056f3cc6-2946-48e5-9f51-bb4768f05160",
    "RequestorId": "000022803",
    "Requestor": "Bryan Kruep",
    "CreateDate": "2022-02-01T10:35:31.4489348-06:00",
    "DueDate": "2022-07-31T00:00:00-05:00",
    "Generic1": "BRYAN KRUEP",
    "Generic2": "1",
    "Generic3": "",
    "Generic4": "False",
    "Generic5": "",
    "Generic6": "",
    "Generic7": "",
    "Generic8": "",
    "Generic9": "False",
    "Generic10": "",
    "Generic11": "",
    "Generic12": "",
    "Generic13": "",
    "Generic14": "",
    "Generic15": "",
    "GenericNumber": 0.0,
    "Amount": 0.0,
    "Customer": "71512922",
    "Quantity": 0.0,
    "RepCode": "TK04",
    "AuditText": "",
    "State": {
        "Module": "Main",
        "Page": "Account Transfer Entry",
        "Index": 0,
        "CurrentPageId": null,
        "NextPageId": null
    "Messages": [],
    "Collections": [
            "Name": "Main",
            "Type": "Module",
            "Rows": [
                    "Non-ACATTransfer_Type": "DRS"

Do you know if there is any code I can perform to add a value to the response body or what I would need to do in order to get the question value I would expect to show up in the response? Let me know if I need to provide more information.

if SRID is a string then enclose it in double quotes :tada:

    "SRId": "{{SRID}}",

The SRID field is not an issue. Really what my problem is I just cannot update field names on a particular page on a browser. And if the field name is not there I cannot run a POST to set the field name to a value.

Do you get any output in the console?