Unleash the Speaker in YOU

Human brains are strange🧠. They can make you sad, happy, or angry in the same situation. It behaves differently and secretes different hormones. So have you ever thought about training your brains? And when it comes to Public speaking, our brains think about past experiences and give us jitters.

Supernova program is special to me since I started my Public speaking career through this!

If you have ever wondered about the relationship between the brain and Public speaking, a few tools and tips to get started with it, and some processes on how and where to start the journey, you won’t want to miss my talk! Please do join us for the upcoming free webinar “Unleash the Speaker in YOU”

Registration Link: https://www.airmeet.com/e/82739cf0-d987-11ec-bba3-23965a5c80f0

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If anyone missed the session, you can view the recording here :partying_face: