Unable to load Large Jason to post man to generate collection


I am working in asp.net core and my website has swagger documentation. My Api has more than 300 url’s. I am not sure the exact count. i took the swagger.json and tried to all it in postman. What i did, i imported the swagger.json file and it was able to import. but when i try to generate the collection, its doing nothing. The file is about 5.4MB. not sure about the reason. please guide me to solve this issue

Hi @karthikdev. Warm welcome to the community :blush:

When you tried you import, any error messages displayed in UI?

Can you possibly detail your steps for import with screenshots? If there’s nothing visible when you try to import then you can raise an issue here. The Team will be responding at the earliest :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Thanks for the reply and i found the issue. But not sure about the solution. The issue is, if i remove the definition from the swagger, Postman is able to handle. But if i have the definition, postman unable to handle it. because of the definition, the file size is too large. Please let me know the solution.