Struggling to get parameters to work while making requests via Twitter API v2


I’m looking to pull a number of hashtag-containing tweets from a specific time period in Postman. I’m able to do so successfully, but I’m having trouble with a few parameters.

Specifically, adding “place_country:US lang:en is:verified -is:retweet” to the query seems to have no effect. I’ve tried combinations of the latter and each parameter individually, yet I’m provided unfiltered results. I’m copying these parameters from the "Search Tweets" section of the API v2 documentation, as it’s this feature I’m using.

Could anyone point where I’m going wrong? I’ve attached a screenshot of the query entry. I have no coding experience and have only just begun using the Twitter API and so please be understanding if it’s an obvious fix.


This has been solved.

The issue was the lack of parentheses around my search queries.