Trying to use Postman with Pastebin - Help with the basics

I’m trying to follow the API documentation for Pastebin from here but can’t seem to make it over the first hurdle; I keep getting an “invalid api_option” response even though I’m using only the three mandatory keys. Tried putting the keys in the POST params as well as the headers, but both give the same result. Really not too sure what I’m doing wrong here but hopefully it’s simple for the pros.


It took me a bit to figure it out.
The required keys “api_dev_key”, “api_option”, and “api_paste_code” are not set in the Parameters or the Headers. On the Body tab select “x-www-form-urlencoded” and then set those key’s values.
This should work for you.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a ton. I was banging my head of how to do it for a couple of hours now