Importing a curl `PUT` request into Postman

Hi everyone,

I am new with postman and like to ask the following.
I like to build a put command in Postman and has an example that is not working.

$ curl -X PUT -d key=“quota” -d value=“100MB”

How can i set this up in Postman?

Thank you all.

The part that is not working = -d key=“quota” -d value=“100MB”
How can i set this up, in what tab…

You can import that command straight into Postman via the Import button, in the top left of the application. Select the Paste Raw Text option and drop that command in the text field.

This creates a new request for you, based on the arguments and flags in the pasted command.

Your command would give you something like the image above, without knowing any more information about the endpoint or any other context of the implementation, it’s going to be difficult for people to provide you with any more help.

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Hi @dannydainton, thank you for your quick reply.

Thank you very much!