Trying to catch HTTP/HTTPS request from device to postman (server) using the built in proxy

I’m new at working with postman so I thought I’d ask here for some clarifications.
Basically, I have postman open on my server with the built-in proxy connected. I’m trying to set it up so it captures the requests sent from my other device (that runs Windows) towards the server. I’ve watched some online tutorials on how to setup the proxy but I haven’t managed to reproduce the results. Any help is appreciated.

Hey @FloreaLiviu, welcome to the Postman community! :wave:

The proxy can be used to capture requests being sent from the device it is on, not to the device. If you’d like to capture the requests being sent from your other device to the server you’d need to install it on that machine instead of on the server.

You can find more info about that setup in our Learning Center:

Thank you for the quick reply. The setup you sent me was very useful. I just wanted to confirm something you mentioned earlier. Is there a way to set up the postman proxy on a server so it captures all incoming requests to the server from other devices ?