Troubleshooting Collection Import Failures

If a Collection import fails, are the failure reasons available somewhere to aid in fixing the problem(s)?

I created a Collection using the Postman SDK (v3.4.3?) and when trying to import it, I received a briefly appearing pop-up window that said “Failed to import collection COLLECTION_NAME”. I did see any information as to why this was happening. I would have expected/hoped that some information was logged to the console, but nothing was there.

As it turned out, the problem was one of my own doing, i.e. the Item ID for the requests that I was programmatically constructing resulted in a few duplicate ID’s. It would have been nice to have some idea of where the problem was.

During the course of my troubleshooting, I first validated my Collection against the 2.1 scheme using the tool and no errors were found. I ended up having to iteratively remove pieces of the Collection until the Import succeeded. If I missed something or if there is a suggested way to better troubleshoot import errors, please let me know.