Periodic "Something went wrong while importing" error

Hello, I have a “run in postman” button in some public documentation, normally users can copy the collection this way however periodically they get an error. Randomly it will start working again but we keep getting reports from users who are unable to copy it.



I did manage to capture it failing but the http response was a generic 403. It started working again a few minutes after I noticed it failing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. User clicks on the Run in Postman button which leads to Collection Web View | Postman
  2. Select Postman for Web
  3. Select a workspace and click Import
  4. Periodically the error will show up and the collection will not be copied

Does anyone know if there’s a way I can make this work more consistently?

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I’ve passed the details onto the team to take a look at and see what’s happening here. I will come back here and update the thread with any information I receive.

If the issue persists, please raise this as an issue on our public issue tracker:

Hi @danny-dainton , thanks for passing that along.
Can I check if there’s any update on this being picked up please?

I got some feedback from the team on this:

The user seems to be trying to import a private collection that they don’t have access to. Hence the 403. Only the user with view access can import this collection and in this case, it’s in a personal workspace

We’re also improving the error message seen in the UI to give more contextual information about the issue.

It’s strange because previously it’s gone from not working to working again, which implies it should be sat in a public workspace, however I’m struggling to pin down whose account it’s attached to annoyingly. I can try reshare it on my account and see if that fixes it.

Just so I’m not missing anything, can I confirm that collections that:

  1. Exist in a public workspace
  2. On an unpaid account
  3. And being shared though the<collection_id> endpoint

Shouldn’t have any issues with it occasionally not working, e.g. the link timing out or failing due to too many people trying to use it

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