Trim keys and values : randomly could not get any response

Hello everybody,
Last week, I wrote an API with this model :
and it ran jolly good.
Yesterday, I wanted to do it again. Well, reference Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools.DotNet now seems obsolete and can no more be added to the project, but apart from this I can complete it.
At least, Firefox shows me the list of posts or of categories (I kept the same database).
But, I have a surprise with Postman. I systematically had the answer “Could not get any response”.
After spending some time on it, I realized I had that error only randomly, either with the project of last week, or with the one of yesterday.
And eventually, I solved it by checking, in the settings, “Trim keys and values in request body”.

So, it works, what would be nice, now, would be to understand what happened.
I do not see what could uncheck that if it was checked last week, nor why it is needed today while it was not last week.

So, I read the documentation, and I see :
Trim keys and values in request body: If you’re using the form-data or url-encoded modes to send data to the server, switching this to “ON” will cause any parameters to be trimmed.

OK, so I presume trailing spaces have been suppressed ?
But I ran the same project and sent the same requests, and suddenly it was needed to check this. Any idea what happened ?

Hey @Gloops,

Are you still having issues with this?

If so, would you be able to expand the details of the problem more and maybe include some images of any errors you’re seeing and the Postman client version and OS you are currently using.

I am now working with Angular on .Net Core, which is somewhat different so far as I remember.
Probably it would be interesting I take that project back to see if something has changed. In a few weeks if you like.

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