Track number of API calls

When looking at the Postman plan and price comparison, the free version claims it can make 1,000 API calls. I am curious if there is a way to see how many API calls I have made so I do not go over that 1,000 call limit.

The 1000 calls a month limit refers to requests sent via monitoring, not requests made through the app. All limits can be viewed on the Usage page on the web dashboard, which you can access using the “Resource Usage” item in the “Team” dropdown in the top right corner of the Postman App or the web Dashboard.

Hey @jrsiegel, adding to what @godfrzero mentioned, if you are specifically looking for the API calls you have made so far, you can hit the \me endpoint which will return statistics of your usage including your limit as per plan and usage so far.

I have answered what the response would look like here and you can refer the same for additional details.

Feel free to reach out with additional querries. Thanks.