Postman API limitation? Status 429 with error message: serviceLimitExhausted


I am writing scripts to propagate my work API requests to Postman collection daily. So the published doc will be automatically updated everyday with the latest API structure.

However, during the development, I got below error:

“error”: {
“name”: “serviceLimitExhausted”,
“message”: “Service limit exhausted. Please contact your team admin.”

Does anyone know how to resolve this? or what cause this?

BTW, I do see the explanation here:
which is limited 60 requests per minute, but I didn’t send so many requests per minute, and also the error message is different from my response…

I’ve waited for more than 1 hour, and it still consistently returns the error.

Okay, I just figured out I hit the limit of Postman free trial of monthly Postman API calls (1000).

so… does that mean unless I pay, or I will be banned until next month?

Hey @Timmy_Lin, thanks for reaching out. You seem to have reached the limit of your API usage as per your plan, the Postman API applies both rate limits (60 rpm) and access limits (based on your plan) on your API usage.

To verify that, you can hit the /me endpoint which is not access limited, this will return statistics of your usage including your limit as per plan and usage so far.

The response would look like :

    "user": {
        "id": your_id
    "operations": [
            "name": "api_usage",
            "limit": "<limit-as-per-your-plan>",
            "usage": "<your-usage-so-far>",
            "overage": 0
        // other operations and their limit and usage info.

To answer your question, you would either need to upgrade or wait until your limit is renewed as per your plan. Feel free to reach out with additional queries, if any.