Schema validation not providing details of reported issue

When I run a request I am getting a schema validation issue highlighted at the top of the request:

When I click on it, I see:

Clicking on the link to my API draft just takes me to my OpenAPI definition in the APIs section.

Clicking on “The property didn’t match the specified schema” just takes me back to my request tab.

There is no information about which property is not matching the schema. I checked the logs and could not find anything either.

Am I missing something or does the schema validation tab or link provide no feedback on why the validation is failing?

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Same here. Did you find any work around?

I’m having the same issue. Has anyone figured anything out yet?

Yeah, this part of the validation is super unhelpful and glossed over in the documentation. At this point, it is infuriating me to no end that this vague error message has been left in. I have no details or any idea where to go to figure out what is wrong. This is eroding my confidence in the tool and I am currently trying to convince my company to go enterprise. Fix this!!

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Same here. I am using and some more complicated JSON responses and polymorphism in the schemas. Not sure now if postman fully implements OAS3, or there is indeed problem with my schema. the unverbose error is frustrating.

From my experience several problems appeared more frequently:

  • for type integer there has to be number like 1, not "1"
  • if string has additional format it’s also important e.g uuid

And I had to define examples for each endpoint (I’m not sure if it’s required)