I am currently working on the creation of an OpenAPI Swagger. I would like to be able to automatically test the validity of this OpenAPI Swagger with postman, to make sure it does not contain any errors.
So, I am currently using the OpenAPI file import feature in Postman. However, I have to customize the generated collection (write the tests myself, use a specific dataset, duplicate some queries to test different cases, …).

My question is the following: if in the future, my swagger evolves (for example: an endpoint is added, the expected body of a query is slightly modified, …), is there a way to automatically import these changes from the OpenAPI swagger into the existing custom collection, without losing what I have previously done?

From what I’ve been able to explore so far, it doesn’t seem that such a feature is possible. However, I would like to be sure that I am not missing anything.

Thanks in advance.