Test Runner to use CSV file iterations for specific tests


I am using Enterprise Postman. We are using both collection runner to run tests and newman.
I am using CSV data file to test it against different data set. All are working fine. No issues. Here is my scenario. I have say 10 tests. First 5 tests should be executed only once. Remaining 5 tests should be executed “N” time based on the number of data in the CSV file.

CSV file = Testdata.CSV
*** Test 1 - 5 - Execute once***
*** Test 6-10 - Execute with different data set (N iterations) based on the number of rows in the test data CSV file***

I would like to run iterations(data driven iterations) only for Test 6-10. If I execute it through collection runner or newman it is executing N iterations for Test 1-10. How do I split this suite? Appreciate your input.

Thanks, rjayaram

May be you can add pre-request with postman.setNextRequest(null) for test 1-5 if something happens, based on your 6-10 tests.
It may be some kind of timestamp or value.