How to execute a test in the folder only once when it is data driven


I have a folder which has 2 requests. The first request is fetching authentication token and initialize env variables. The second request is actual test. This is data driven. Therefore if the CSV file has 100 rows, this folder is executed 100 times. I do not want to repeat test 1 as it is needed only once. However when running through collection runner or newman both tests are executed N times which is expected. Is there a way that I can restrict execution of the first test only once.
Details (like screenshots):

Test1 =>Initialize env variables
Test2=>Actual test

It is CSV data driven. I would like to execute Test1 only once and Test2 should be executed N times.
Appreciate your input.

I was thinking to add another request like Test0 which can check the iteration number. If the iteration number is 1 then I can call Test1 otherwise it will call only Test2. But I do not have any requests for this Test0. How do I create a test without any request?

Thanks, Raje

I also tried the following. But did not help. It is still executing both of the requests.
I changed the order of requests as below:
In Test2 pre-request-script I added the following:
if (

Test2 =>added the above lines in the pre-req-script

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I see a similar topic is discussed here and I request you to take a look at this :blush:

Please try and let’s hear from you if you still face any issues!!