Sync API with GitLab Sync Integration - API not available

We are trying to connect our Workspace project with repository hosted on Gitlab. I tried with the Sync API method for Gitlab Integration. But it seems that it doesn’t load the API we need to connect.

Please check the screenshot…

I have been checking various help articles and videos but unable to find exactly what’s wrong!

Note that I am able to successfully integrate Backup method for integration but that doesn’t sync newer changes to the repository.

Please guide.

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Is there an API, in that Workspace, within Postman?

It’s difficult to know that fro your image.

You mean Collection of API in Workspace? Then Yes. I have check this image attached

Those are not the same thing, that’s a Collection and not an API. That’s also from a different Workspace (It’s masked so it might not be) , than the one in the first image.

The APIs can be found in the API section, it looks like that’s not currently in the view that you have. You need to go to Workspace Settings and enable that view on the left sidebar.

First of all, I really appreciate your response for helping me out.

It’s the same workspace.

I have imported from existing collection using this Import an API into Postman | Postman Learning Center

I am not sure how to change the workspace settings to enable API section. Pls guide.

The Workspace Settings option can be found on the Overview tab, on the right side.

From here, you can decide what elements are shown on the left side bar.

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