Suppress API call from the Console

Question: Can you suppress an API call from the console.

I’m running a collection that makes internal calls that require associate level authorization, I can generate the token externally and provide it as an environment variable that works fine. The token is short lived however and expires before I can get through the volume of data that I want to test with in this collection.

I added a step to generate the token on each iteration through the collection but the problem is that the collection requires my userId and password. I have marked these as secret in the Environments tab but they are unmasked in the console.

I know that this has been discussed here, Hiding secret variable and there is an issue for it here. I’m looking at solving it from another direction all together by just removing the whole call from the logs.

I would also be completely onboard for the ability to pop an input box in Postman that would allow me to enter my password one time and not have to persist it into the environments file but that is a completely separate item.