Hiding secret variables from Postman Console

there is a way to hide variables from environment but they still show up in Postman Console.


I don’t see an option to have them masked in Postman Console too. Is it something considered for future releases?

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Hey there!

So this is actually something we have internally been looking at. I’m afraid there isn’t anything I can share just yet.

The goal behind secrets is to avoid leaking keys while screensharing etc. The problem with console is, typically it’s for debugging so we would want to see exactly what is sent, including secrets. But at the same time, what about when screensharing? :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, that’s what I thought that some people want to have all data there. Anyway, it would be nice to have some button toggling it off and on.

I also often copy raw log from there to include as a test evidence or in a bug, so it would be great if masking worked there as well.

Hello @tlis12345, Welcome to the community :tada:. As @kevin-postman mentioned, we have been looking on it internally, and we really appreciate your suggestion.

So, just to keep the issue tracked, we have created a GitHub issue where users can share their use cases. We look forward to seeing one of your use case there. :smiley: