Student Expert & Other Badges delay

I recently completed the 30 Days of Coding Challenge and received the badge for it within the next working day (:partying_face:). My issue is with the Student Expert program for which I made a submission last week and am yet to hear any message from the Team.

How do I know if the submission is under review/received by the team?

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The student expert badge can take up to 2 weeks, this would have been mentioned on the submission form.

Your best bet is to wait a little longer, it will get to you :grin:


Thanks for the response!

I got my Student Expert badge today!
Thanks for all the support!

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Team -

I am an API enthusiast and love every bit of the Postman product. I saw this post on LinkedIn where a person posted about API Tester badge. I wanted to pursue that as well.

Would you be able to guide me with this and help me with the steps to achieve this?


Hello @APIWorld,
Here’s the list of all possible Postman badges. Each one has a description and the link to the appropriate material.
Postman Badges
You should be able to guide yourself from here on.
Anirudh Babu


Thanks for the update!