Student Expert- Skill Checker complete- Certificate badge not yet received

Hi Team,

I have completed the training and Skill check is complete. But, not yet received the badge. Kindly check on this.

Collection :

Test Collection


Hey @Thriven452,

Welcome to the Postman community! :wave:t2:

When was this completed?

I’m not part of this program and @sue.smith would be a better person to give an answer but I would expect a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks for those to be received.

They haven’t been forgotten about and you will get it, it’s just that a little patience is needed. :grin:

Thanks for the update @dannydainton, I have completed it around oct-24th.

Will wait for the update !


Hi @Thriven452! I don’t see a submission from you unless you’ve used a different email from your forum account, you need to fill out this form so that we can process your collection:

Thanks for the update @suesmith . I have updated the form. Kindly check.

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Hello @suesmith Thank you for all information!
I still have a question: how will I know if there was a problem with my submission?

Hey, did you got the badge?

@suesmith, What would be approximate time to receive badge after submission?

We aim to process submissions within 2 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thankyou @suesmith, will wait for it then. I completed this week early.