Completed postman student expert last month and haven’t received badge

Hi, I have done submitting my collection on March 26/21, still I haven’t received my badge. Can you please confirm when I get my badge?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Sandeep, congrats on finishing the training. Perhaps @meilani.eyre has more information?

Check Your Spam Folder In Your Email. Your Badge Would Be There I Suppose. Otherwise, @sean.keegan Would Help You In This Matter If You Have Not Received It.


Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for submitting your collection! I just checked on your submission and it looks like you were SO close! Out of the 11 tests we check for, you had 10 passing. In order to award the badges, a collection needs to have all the tests passing.

I would double check your collection and try submitting your solution locally to reveal clues in the test results. When you’ve got all 11 tests passing, you can resubmit your collection and we’ll get you your Student Expert badge :trophy: :muscle: