Stuck on 401 unauthorized error - Student Expert Training

I am on Student Expert>1. Begin training - Requests>2. Add match

I am having trouble with email_key.
I have added the variable email_key and the values. But I’m still getting the 401 unauthorized error.
And in the Authorization tab, it shows that email_key is an unresolved variable.

@lemon445 Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Please ensure that you have selected the Auth type correctly as “Inherit auth from parent” and I see that the “Add Match” request is unsaved. So please save it and try again :blush:

I re-selected Auth type as “Inherit auth from parent” and i saved the “Add Match” request.
Its still gives the 401 error

Chatting with @lemon445 we determined there was an extra whitespace on the variable name that was causing the variable not to resolve. All fixed!