Stuck with Used variables | AssertionError: expected -1 to be above -1

I am trying to complete The Student Expert training for a while now, every time I get stuck at this same error. Please help.

Collection: Student expert
Request : Check Progress : Teset collection
Error: Used variables | AssertionError: expected -1 to be above -1

This is the public link to my collection

Hey @ajinkya924

Try walking through the scenarios again from the beginning and ensure that you have completed all the ones related to variables.

By doing this, you’re going to be much better off and learning how to debug certains things by retracing your steps.

You will benefit more from doing that, than someone just telling you how to complete it.

Hey @dannydainton
Thanks for the suggestion. I am still getting the same error. I followed every instruction word by word and step by step.

A few things that I would check on your collection:

  • In the top-level Collection Auth Helper, the values have been changed from the Original Collection

  • The {{training_api}} variable has an extra space at the start and this isn’t included in the instructions

  • On the 2. Add match request, take a look at what Auth that is needed in there and how the {{email_key}} variable is used.

  • Take a look at the response from the Get specific player request and read what it’s asking you to add to the Pre-request Script

Hey @dannydainton
Thanks for the help and suggestions. I glad to inform you that I completed all the Final Tests.

Thank you so much @dannydainton

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