Something went wrong Please check your internet connection and try again

Hi, I am facing issue creating a monitor in Postman. I get an error “Something went wrong Please check your internet connection and try again.” when trying to create a monitor. Also, Postman on my system is not syncing all my data onto the cloud. So probably that means that anything that requires a internet connection in Postman is not working. I tried many ways to solve the internet connectivity issue in Postman but no positive result. Please help.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Open Postman
  2. Click on play button next to the your collection.
  3. Click on Monitors tab.
  4. Then click on Create a Monitor and you will see the error.

Hi @abizar521,

This is not at all an expected behavior. Can you write to us at from your registered email regarding this issue? Our support team is awesome and will get you back on track asap :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:

I have mailed the support team. Hope they will come up with a solution asap. Thank you

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Invite somebody with computer knowledge to fix it for you. You may find specialists on the Internet allowing them remote access to your computer. Or you can find somebody in your area. Look for such services using your zip code You will definitely find somebody locally, a company or an individual. And they will quickly fix whatever you need in your settings.