Some interesting Math functions for API Testing!

Dear Community!!

Though 2020 was not a good year for most of us, somehow its over by now.

I wish everyone a cheerful and healthy 2021!!

While writing some tests for API, I found some JS Math functions are quite useful and interesting. And just thought of writing about it. Please have a look.

Once again, Happie New Year Folks!!

And great learning in 2021 :trophy:


Happy New Year Pricilla! Thanks for sharing. Just curious–do you have any favorite examples for using these math functions?

Actually I have those Tests as part of my private API’s which I couldn’t share. May be I can work on any public API to add those math functions as part of my scripts, and will share the collection. Will publish the collection and share the link here in some days :blush:

Hi @hannah.neil , I have published a public collection with some Math functions in it. Postman Training - SOAP :blush:

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Awesome that it’s public, thanks for helping our community!

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