Solved: Help Sending a Payload to Twilio Studio Endpoint

I am trying to send the following data to Twilio’s Studio Rest API trigger for one of my flows -
“To”: {{phone}},
“From”: {{my_twilio_number}},
“Parameters”: {
“link”: {{link}},
“name”: {{name}}

I have the Body of the call set to Raw/JSON, however, I keep getting the following error when executing the call -

"code": 20001,

"message": "Missing required parameter To in the post body",

"more_info": "",

"status": 400


As you can see in my payload from above, I obviously have the To parameter set so I am not sure what to do here

SOLVED: I was able to get to work by changing the body to x-www form-urlencoded and setting the parameters as shown in the image.