How to get bolded values in get request/param?

Hello everyone.

I’m new with Postman, and I’m trying to use the GET request with the “params” tab.

It’s working pretty well exept for the fields who have bolded values, like “true”, “false”, or “null”.

exemple :

if I put in the “key” the field “active” and in the value “true” (the field is a boolean) it’s still return the items who have “active” : false

How can I filter to theses values ?

You can’t.

Please read the following which goes into more detail.

How to pass boolean values using Postman? - Help - Postman

javascript - Make postman query param type of boolean - Stack Overflow

Try setting it to 1 or 0 and see how that goes. Or re-check the API documentation to find out what it will accept.

Totally works with 0 for false and 1 for true. Thanks a lot mdjones.

That’s odd, because I swear I tried that, but it’s seems that I misstyping my field name :see_no_evil:

and for null, simply active the key with the check box and don’t put anything in value :monkey_face: