Sharing Individual Collection in a Workspace


I’m trying share a single/collection folder with an external user without revealing all the other content inside the workspace.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

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Are they also using Postman to look at the file? :smiley:

I can think of a few ways:

  • You could export the file and give them that to import into their instance
  • You could share the Collection via the API which would include a managed Collection API Key, they could import that into their instance
  • You could Fork your Collection into a Public Workspace and they would be able to view that in a separate Workspace (That would mean that the Collection is Public)

Their are other methods if you’re using a higher tier license which could include collaborating within a single Partner Workspace with certain role based access on the elements.

Thanks for the reply!

We do have an enterprise plan but I’m not sure that helps in this situation. We basically want to be able to share custom collections with external clients but it seems like we either have to export a collection or make a public workspace for them which we can’t do.

Is there any kind of workspace leve password protection?

Thanks for any insight!

You’re welcome. Not Workspace passwords but there are role based access controls that will limit (Read Only, Editor and Admin rights) what other users can do on a particular element. This could be either internal or external folks.

If you have or are on an enterprise plan I would recommend reaching out to the account manager or solutions engineers to provide more specific support. The Partner Workspace might be an option here as that wouldn’t be Public but also offer a level of control around what external folks can see and do.

Thank you Danny! I just took your advice and reached out to Postman.

I really appreciate your time!

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