Sharing collections without sharing credentials

Hello Postman Team / Users

We are sharing collections in our Team workspace but would not like to share credentials required for the requests in those collections. What are the recommended practices to achieve this?

Based on the existing topic entries, we gathered the following approaches.

(1) Create a personal collection that is copied from the shared collection and use variables for credentials in the personal collection. How would this work when new requests are added to a collection - are they first added to personal collection, shared collection, both?

(2) Should sessions be used to achieve this?

Any good suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi there @manasbajaj -

  1. When you create a copy of the collection, the 2 entities are separate and updates will not be shared between the 2. However, if you share the collection to a different workspace, then the changes will sync in real time - so change you make to the collection in the personal workspace will also be reflected to the collection in other workspaces that it exists.
  2. Yes - this is why sessions were created, and is an excellent way to keep your credentials private.
  3. One more alternative is to use an environment in a personal workspace and keep your credentials as environment variables instead of collection variables - as you’re doing in Option #1.