Security gets wiped when updating power automate custom connector

Everytime when I want to update my custom connector which I created from a collection in Postman, the security setting gets wiped. The authentication settings is empty and I have to set it again. I tried every possibility but the authentication setting from the collection won’t be imported to the custom connector.

Am I missing something or is this by design.

I tried setting the authentication on collection level, on folder level and even on request level, but nothing worked.

Hey @sossanna , I’m not sure what tool you are using but this doesn’t look like Postman. My guess is that the issue is with them rather than Postman so I’d recommend reaching out to their community or support team instead.

The screenshot you are seeing, is from Power Automate Custom Connector.

When I create a Custom Connector directly in Power Automate and Export it to Postman, all the settings are included. The Problem is when I want to do it the other way around. Export the collection from Postman and import it to Power Automate.

It may be also something I’m missing in the export from postman.

I see, when you’re importing it in PACC, are you seeing the right type of auth and only missing the api-key value? Or are you not even seeing the correct type of auth?

In the first case then it means your API Key might not be exported with the Postman collection, make sure you set it as a initial value if you’re having it in collection variables.
In the second case then it would be an issue with the way PACC imports the collection as Postman definitely exports the auth settings.