Export API Collection as JSON for Import

I’m pretty new to working with postman. We need to create custom connectors for power automate. It is possible to import a postman collection and also update it through the json. Now, we would like to create the api in postman and export it as a json, so we can import it as an custom connector.

We have created the collection and it’s also possible to export it, but we can’t add a definition to the collection. That is only possible if we create a API Collection. The Problem now is, that we can’t export the API Collection with the defintion file. In the definition file is important information included.

Is there a way to export a API Collection or add a definition to the normal Collection?

Hey @sossanna , welcome to the Postman community!

You can copy the collection you’ve generated from the API definition to the collections tab, then you’ll be able to export it.

If this wasn’t quite your question, can you please list step by step what you are trying to achieve?

Thanks for the response. Maybe not the full answer I’m looking for.

We have our code stored on Azure DevOps which uses Git. That let’s us connect Postman to the Azure DevOps Repository, which is then available in the APIs Section of Postman. Now we want to edit the API and finally export it, so we can import it as a Custom Connector in Power Automate.

Is there a way this is done which I’m missing? Through copying it to the collection the definition is gone which holds a lot of information for the import as a custom connector.