Request not inheriting parent Authorization

I am new to Postman and am trying to set up my environment. I’m having trouble with the request not inheriting authorization from the parent. I have read several posts on the site with the same issue, most related to bug in early v10. I am running V10.17.1 and the system tells me I’m up to date.

Here is a screen shot of what I’m seeing. You can clearly see .Main is set with “Basic Auth”, yet the request thinks it should use “No Auth” from the collection .Main. I can change the request to use “Basic Auth” and it runs correctly.


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I’m unable to see the tab for the Collection from your image, is the change in the Collection saved? If there is an orange dot on the tab, you have unsaved changes.

Once the Collection changes are saved, you can see the correct auth type shown:

We also have an Autosave feature that can be used to prevent this type of confusion around unsaved changes. This can be enabled via the Settings option.

Thank you so much @danny-dainton for the welcome and quick response! You nailed it. It was simply not having the Collection saved. Once saved, it works as expected. Thank you also for the tip to enable autosave. That will help a lot.


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