Schema sync/reverse update from collection

I have imported some test YAML into the new API ‘define’ section.

I then generated a collection.

I then updated a description on one of the endpoints in the collection.

I then went back to the YAML schema - but it wasn’t updated?!?

Is there a way for the YAML to be in sync or at least reverse update?

I’ve also tried the version tagging features but they don’t seem to keep my YAML up-to-date either.

So, is this a case of that my YAML is the single source of truth and therefore makes all the other features like updating descriptions etc in collections redundant?

Hi there @wezcornell -

Currently this is a one-way workflow: importing a schema => generate a collection

It’s in our plans to add sync, or have a more dynamic workflow.

In the meantime, you might want to submit an official feature request or chime in on an existing one with your specific use case so that the development team better understands your workflow, on our GitHub issues tracker.

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