Same POST request is not working in postman and working fine with Jmeter

As on the image, I have a one POST Request where it passes Username , Password and a token. This is working fine with J meter. I’m getting 200 response.

But when I try to do the same call with Postman (as for the image 2), it says:

> javax.servlet.error.status_code 405
> javax.servlet.error.message Request method 'POST' not supported
> javax.servlet.error.servlet_name    DispatcherServlet
> javax.servlet.error.request_uri /j_spring_security_check
> org.springframework.web.HttpRequestMethodNotSupportedException: Request method 'POST' not supported.

What might be I’m doing wrong with Postman? or what there the necessary changes I have to made to postman.

Details (like screenshots):

I tried with adding all the headers which are available in the J meter but still no luck.

did you try using json in stead of form data ?