'405 Method Not Allowed' error after Postman upgrade

I have post requests in Postman that work fine when I use Postman 7.0.9, but after upgrading to 7.2.2+ (currently 7.3.2), I receive a 405 error. Nothing has changed with the request details (header, body, parmeters, etc is exactly the same between versions) or with the system this request is trying to access.

I tried going to the settings and removing any extra verifications or headers:

This is the body contents in the return:

Apache Tomcat/8.0.44 - Error report

HTTP Status 405 - Request method 'POST' not supported

type Status report

message Request method 'POST' not supported

description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.

Apache Tomcat/8.0.44

Has anyone else run into this issue before?

Something is wrong, none of my requests work anymore. I can run the curl commands though.

How do we downgrade?

You can downgrade to a lower version, but it will automatically upgrade back to the current version and there’s no way to disable that feature.

The issue just needs to be fixed.