Run a runner from a CSV file

Hello, good afternoon. I’m busy solving this problem that occurred to me when I run the test, I get no past for my “profileId” data
", “businessProfileId”,“businessProfileName”, “businessProfileDescription” I am trying to take the data from an excel

I would recommend reading the instructions again.

I’m assuming that you mean a CSV file in Excel, not an .xls file.

It looks like you are trying to retrieve the csv values using pm.variables.get which is not how its done. I’m assuming that you don’t actually have a local variable called profileId set, so its correctly returning “undefined”.

It should be,

var profileID = data.profileID;

And so forth.

On a side note, I do not recommend checking for all of those elements in one test. Break it up into smaller tests.

If the first pm.expect line fails, then the others won’t be run and you won’t get feedback on those tests.

Second tip, if you only have one element in your response, consider parsing directly to that element.

let response = pm.response.json()[0];

Final tip is to use the console.log. Log the variables you are setting to ensure that they are returning data.