Revert trial monitors DATA

I am using Postman mostly to collect data about responses time based on monitors feature. I used trial version of Postman, but I exceeded 1000 free responses limit so I upgrade my postman to Pro version. I got subdomain and my monitors data were wiped out. Could I find them somewhere? in the system ?

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Would you please navigate to this link and let me know if you see your monitor?

I see my monitor but data starts from today and I can not go to (using arrows) to previous date (when I was using postman in trial version)

Also when I clicked in your link I was redirected to url:

Hey @DonBartosh – on the same URL, does the Console Log tab show you any useful information?

The logs should indicate if requests were actually sent, where they were sent to, and if there was a response sent back from the server.

Keep in mind that you may have some sensitive information associated with the request (query parameters, headers, etc) so please redact any of that information if you decide to share a screenshot.

Yea, I’ve checked console log, nothing there. I’ll submit a ticket to support. Thx for help all.