Reset basic authorization password for ALL collections

So I work at a place where I have to change my password every 3 months. Since all my Postman collections access the same server (mainframe), this entails changing that password for every single collection.
Is there a way to do this I’m missing ('cos I couldn’t find anything)

@misi01 Not sure you have tried this option, did you tried using global variable for it? incase if all the collections are in same workspace :blush:

a) All collections in same workspace.
b) Saw some sort of reference about global variables, but to much of a beginner to dare trying to set this since I don’t know how (hint, hint :grinning:)

I get that :smiley: We too started from there once upon a time :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this!! you can refer the credentials from here instead of collection variable.

Please go through this link below more details.

Thank you. I defined my password as a global one, then changed the basic auth password in my request to {{password}} and that seemed to do the trick nicely.

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@misi01 Great to know, usually it’s not advisable to have the credentials as part of global variables (Monitors don’t have access to global variables). But in your case, that’s the easiest fix. Mostly it depends on your requirement. Just informing you!!

If I come across any other solution will let you know :+1:

@misi01, You can save values of hostnames and credentials in environment variables and create different environments for different environments like dev, stage or prod.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: