Basic Auth persistence problem

I have used Basic Auth successfully experimenting with the MailChimp API. When I attempt to use Basic Auth for a different API, the MailChimp password keeps overwriting the password I enter for the new API.

Where is this stored? How do I use a different username/password for each API?

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Are you saving your requests in a Postman collection?

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I’m saving my requests in a collection. As I understand it, a collection does not store data like API keys, or am I missing something?

In the DataFlex database programming language world in which I do most of my work, we have the concept of Workspaces. With workspaces, we can work in only one workspace at a time. In that context, I’m expecting when working with one collection, that data from another collection would not intrude on another collection.

Back to my original question, why does the API key (password) from my MailChimp collection intrude/over-write the key in my legalwareContacts collections? My impulse is to call it a bug, but because I’m just beginning with Postman, I’m open to it just being my inexperience.

Thanks again

Are you using the same variable for both those keys? I am assuming you are using variables and not explicit values. Do remember to switch environments too when you switch to a different API.

Thank you again for a prompt response.

Yes, because it’s Basic Auth, both use the Key variable “Authorization.”

This is easily worked around by skipping the Authorization tab when working with the second API and just adding a header.

I will try refining my use of Environments.

BTW, great tool. It has been very helpful.

FWIW, I’m using the latest rev and I find a lot of your documentation and videos to be out of sync with the new look.

Happy to help! Yep. We are updating our videos and documentation constantly. A big revamp is coming soon. :slight_smile: